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Stage LED Screen, Brighten Your Stage and Make a Great Show!

Stage LED Screen, Brighten Your Stage and Make a Great Show!

Nowadays, a stage LED screen has become a popular way for different displays in different fields. AS we all know, the reason why LED displays get more and more popularity is that they can offer your target customers much richer visual experience, and it is always eye-catching in crowd. There is no doubt that many people regard it as an effective way for their displays. As a professional LED display manufacturer, we would like to help you learn more about it.

1. What Can You Benefit from a Stage LED Display Screen?

No matter what program we are engaging, the top issue we are concerned about must be their benefits. What is the benefits of a LED stage? Here are the answers.

1) Attractive Visual Effects

Unlike traditional stage, a stage with LED display can create a better background for your show or your exhibition. With the supplementary of a LED display, you can show vivid and high-quality images or videos to your audiences, which offers superb visual experience and helps you easily get your audience noticed.

2) More Customer Engagement

By the combination of sound, pictures and videos, your speech or your show will get more charming, which makes your customers and audiences pay more attention to your contents and be willing to interact with you.

3) Enrich Your Show and Enhance the Your Influence

Usually, a stage LED display is a great billboard. You can convey a lot of important information on the screen to get noticed. It will efficiently help you expand the influence and appeal of your brand and your company.

2. When Will You Need a Stage LED Screen?

1) Indoor & Outdoor Concerts

A LED screen for stage has become an essential part of a concert over the past few years, and it plays an important role all through the show. By working together with the lights and sound equipment, it offers the audiences terrific visual and audio experience. Meanwhile, when some audiences are too far away from the stage in a show, they can clearly watch the show through the LED screen.

outdoor concert with a stage LED screen
2) Speech Events

In some speech occasions, a LED board helps the speakers make a better speech by showing relevant charts, pictures and videos, which is a powerful tool to support the speech and get the audiences noticed.

3) Business Exhibitions

To make your customers know your brand or your products better in business exhibitions, a simple show is apparently not enough. A LED display will be an invaluable aid to demonstrate the merits and show the details of your program to your target customers.

3. How Much Will a Stage LED Wall Cost?

In this chapter, we will talk about another main concern–the cost of a stage LED wall. We have listed some factors that may influence the price, and offered you a tool to quickly estimate the price.

1) Determinants of Stage LED Screen Price

Pixel Pitch: It determines the definition of the screen, so it is a main cause on the cost of the LED screen. We usually choose a right one based on the purpose, place and time of use.

Size: The size of the LED wall is also a crucial factor that influences the price. Normally, the larger the size, the higher the price. Of course, it does not mean the larger the better, you should choose a proper one on the basis of the size of your venue, view distance and so on.

Brightness: Brightness is a key point that related to the performance of a LED screen. Therefore, if you have higher demand in brightness like some outdoor activities, you may have to add more budget on it.
Refresh Rate: Refresh rate represents the speed that the LED system redraw the contents of the screen. In other words, the higher the refresh rate is, the clear and smoother your images and videos are, and also the more it will cost.

Raw Materials: The raw materials of LED cabinets are usually iron, aluminum and magnesium. In most cases, the magnesium cabinet is the most durable one, and also it is the most expensive one. The advantage of the aluminum cabinet is that it is very light and easy to install, but it is more expensive than mental cabinet. Compared with the magnesium and aluminum cabinet, the advantage of the cast iron is that it is much cheaper, and it can usually meet most needs.

Apart from those main causes mentioned above, you also have to pay close attention to view angle, maintenance, etc.

2) Calculation Method

We offered a tool to help you calculate the probable cost, if you still have any questions, just e-mail us.

3) Some Customer Cases

Here are some real customer cases!

led screen for indoor stage
large concert with LED stage screen

4. How to Choose an Optimal Screen for Your Stage?

1) Determine a Proper Size

Before ordering your LED screen, you are supposed to know the proper size that fits your stage. Normally, you need to take the size of your venue, your stage size and view distance into consideration.

2) Pixel Pitch

This term means the distance of two pixel units. The close the pixel pitch is, the clear your pictures and videos are. You can base on your need and your budget to choose a right one.

3) Ways of Installation

There are some different ways to install your stage LED screen, such as hanging-mounted, ceiling-mounted, wall-mounted and ground-supported. Just choose an optimal one as needed.

4) Indoor or Outdoor Use

Different places may have quite different requirements for the abilities and performance of the LED display. For instance, in some outdoor occasions, the abilities of waterproof seems to be essential. Also, the brightness deserves your attention in outdoor. Besides, the ways of installation may be different while in different situations.

5) Other Factors

In addition to what we have mentioned above, there are other factors we need to pay attention to, such as grayscale, view angle and so on. If you are still confused about how to choose a right one, just ask our customer service personnel for help.

5. What Other Services Can We Offer?

1) Stage LED Screen Design

If you have no idea how to design your stage LED display, or you are confused about some details of it, our team can offer you some professional suggestions about it and help you find a best solution.

2) LED Screen for Stage Rental Service

LED display rental service is one project of our company, meant to bring our customer more choices in their different display needs.
In this way, you do not need to spend too much to buy the products you need, instead, you pay the deposit and the rent, and then you can use the products in your tenancy term. Then you will find it help you save a lot of money!

6. Why Choose Us?

1) Quality LED Products and Plenty of Experience

Our company has concentrated on the LED display area for about ten years, and our products have got the certificates of authorities. We have every confidence to ensure your satisfaction.

2) Reliable Packing and Shipping

After production, the LED products you ordered have to undergo a strict inspection process for quality assurance. And before shipping, these products will be packed as strict as possible to decrease the damage on the way. Besides, the freight corporation that we cooperate is professional and reliable, they will protect the goods with due diligence all the way.

3) 7/24 Thoughtful Customer Service

If you are interested in our products or you have any queries before or after sales, just contact us anytime. Our staffs are always willing to help you.

7. Recommendation of Related Products

An excellent stage LED display is definitely able to bring more possibilities to your show and your exhibitions. We are offering quality LED screens for you, let’s have a quick look!

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