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Reception LED Display-Present Your Professional Corporate Image

Reception LED Display-Present Your Professional Corporate Image

Needs for the reception LED display of corporate has gradually increased. Many corporations opt to decorate their office area with LED displays, particularly in the lobby and at the reception. Why these digital screens get into the popularity? And what can they bring for corporations? This post is going to talk about it.

1. Why Choose LED Displays for Your Reception Area?

An Eye-catching Display of Corporate Culture
A LED wall is a great platform for a company to demonstrate the brilliant results of your team. No matter as a photo wall or a video wall, it gets the contents more dazzling and vivid. In this way, you can better exhibit the most eminent achievement of your corporate or the core of your corporate culture to the visitors, and it is easier to get the information noticed.

Multipurpose and Manageable
An crucial reason that corporations use those LED products as decoration and display is that these digital screens are really multifunctional and easy to manage. Usually, they can be used as a billboard, a display wall, a versatile background wall or just a unique signage. What is more, you can replace the contents on it as your needs change at any time. It is easy for you to achieve it by the control software, and no need to take much effort.

Boost a Professional Image of Your Corporate
The reception displays play an important role in the establishment of your corporate image. As the clients enter your company, those glittering contents on the LED displays catch their eyes at the first sight, which creates the first impression of your company for them. Therefore, try to do some unique design on the displays in the lobby and the reception area, and make every effort to present a positive image of your corporate.

reception LED display LED wall for reception area

2. How to Choose a Reception LED Display for Your Corporate ?

If you are considering equip your lobby or office area a LED display, what do you need to take into consideration? We have listed some factors that may help.

Choose an Ideal Size and Shape
Normally, we choose the proper size and shape based on the exact application of the displays. You have to determine what they will be used for, like a billboard, a display wall or a guide board. Then you could almost choose an appropriate size and shape. Of course, you can have your special design, like LED balls or some arc-shaped screens are also popular nowadays.

Appropriate Pixel Pitch
After the size and shape are identified, you are supposed to pay close attention to the pixel pitch, which directly determines the definition of the screen. If you expect a high definition, choose the pixel pitch with higher density.

Ways of Installation
For different applications of the LED displays, the ways of installation might be different. For example, most of the digital lobby signage are wall-mounted, but ceiling-mounted screens are also very common. Also, you have other options like floor-mounted and other creative ways.

Other Details
Apart from what we have mentioned above, there are other details deserved attention, such as the main raw materials, brightness and later maintenance and so on. If you feel confused about these details, or you are looking for a suitable LED products for your corporate, feel free to contact us for help. Our efficient customer service will provide you the most helpful instructions and suggestions.

3. The Installation of a LED Wall for Reception Area

Here we provided a detailed tutorial to help you install your LED wall, let get started! Firstly, make sure the accessories and tools are ready: LED modules, LED cabinet, USB disk, power cable, network cable, connecting pedals, screw and screwdriver.

(1) Positioning
Before the assembly, you have to mark the location of the LED cabinet on the wall to avoid the deviation in the process of installation.

(2) Install the LED Cabinet
Firstly, use screws to fix the connecting pedals on the wall, then we can install the cabinet. Fasten the screws and locks to fix the cabinet.

(3) Connect the Cables
After fixing the cabinet, we can connect the main power cables and the cables between the cabinet and modules. Meanwhile, connect the network cables on the receiving card. Once the pilot lamp turns green, the network is working properly.

(4) Install LED Modules
When the power and network is prepared, we are able to install the LED modules. In this step, you have to watch for the correct directions of the modules.

(5) Adjust the Software
After the installation work, now we can adjust the corresponding software to control the whole led wall. Different control system might have some slight differences in their software, but they are almost similar in general.

Let’s watch a video to help you better understand the steps of the installation and the adjustment.

4. Applications of Different Digital Lobby Signage

LED Wall
A LED wall is the most common LED display in our daily life, and is widely used in various occasions, corporations are no exception. If you are looking for a LED display for your company, it is a preferred choice. Because it is easy to install and maintain, and can meet most of your needs.

LED wall for reception area reception LED display

LED Poles
LED poles also get into the popularity, for the special visual effects and lower cost. It can be placed in the lobby and aisle of your company.

digital lobby signage LED poles for lobby

Ceiling LED Displays
Ceiling LED displays is more unique than above two types, and it is a good choice for lobbies. We can use some arc-shaped screens to create a better visual experience.

ceiling LED display for lobby reception LED display

LED Floor Displays
Also, floor displays is available these days. It is indeed a great way to catch attentions, most visitors are interested in luminous floor.

5. Why Choose Us as Your LED Products Supplier?

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