HUIDU HD-R512S LED Receiving Card


HUIDU HD-R512s LED Receiving Card, HD-R512s Asynchronous Full Color LED display control card Receiving card 12*HUB75 Work with C15, C35, A30


HUIDU HD-R512S LED Receiving Card

Type Indoor and outdoor full-color /single/dual color module
Scan mode Static, 1/2 scan, 1/4 scan, 1/8 scan ,1/16 scan,1/32 Scan
1pcs of Ethernet cable Support areas 1024*768
1pcs of receiving card support areas 256*128.largest 384×256 full color ; 1024×512 single /dual color)
1pcs of Ethernet cable Grouped receiving card quantity 256PCS
Receiving cards connected ways Receiving card set sequence randomly, it could recognize by automatically or by hand
Gray scale 0-65536
Smart set Smart set by few simple steps, through display routine setting ,it could suit almost different PCB routine
Play contents Play video animation picture text excel㠁PPT ime counter etc
Test functions It have self test button, could test modes of red green blue white gray oblique line grid spots etc
Time on/time off Time on /off display by defined and time on/off display by computer
Port Two 5V power ports two Ggabit Ethernet ports and a group of standard switch ports
Voltage 3V-6V
Working temperature -30 – 85 deg
Software HD3000 (Making each user knowledge it)




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