Novastar Taurus TB30 Multimedia Players


All-in-one solution: media player and sending card with scaling function
Suitable for small LED screens up to 650,000 pixels
Metal housing
Connect via Ethernet, Wi-Fi or 4G
Upload new content and change screen settings remotely via Mobile/PC


The NovaStar TB30 belongs to the latest generation of multimedia players from NovaStar. The TB30 combines the functions of an LED controller and a media player in one device. It convinces with a new, more powerful processor and has a larger internal memory than the previous products from the Taurus series. The device can be controlled with a computer, smartphone or tablet.


2 Gigabit Ethernet ports with a processing capacity of up to 650,000 pixels (1x Main, 1xBackup) (Maximum width/height: 4096 pixels)
WLAN (stand-alone or as an access point)
Stereo audio output
1x USB 3.0 (Type A): For importing media from a USB stick or performing firmware updates.
Processor: Quad-Core ARM A55 1.8Ghz
1GB memory
16GB internal memory
2 connections for sensors (e.g. NovaStar NS060 light sensor)
configurable via LAN/WLAN with ViPlex Express & NovaLCT
Synchronised playback between multiple devices possible (synchronisation via NTP or GPS(4G module required))
Supports the NovaStar 4G module (not included)




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