Novastar PBOX150 LED Multimedia Player

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Novastar PBOX150 LED Multimedia Player

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Novastar PBOX150 LED Multimedia Player

1) With synchronous and asynchronous dual-mode, PBOX150 supports full zoom of video input in synchronous mode;
2) PBOX150 supports HDMI Loop;
3) With standard configuration of Wi-Fi function, wireless communication can be realized;
4) WiFi supports AP+Station and you can set up your own LAN while connecting public network;
5) Supports the load capability of 600,000 pixels. The maximum width supported is 2048 pixels and maximum height supported is 1024 pixels;
6) Supports redundancy backup of 1000M Ethernet port;
7) Supports stereo dual-channel audio output;
8) Supports playing program via local USB drive;
9) Supportsplaying program imported via USB drive.
10) Supports three ways of brightness adjustment: timing adjustment, automatic adjustment and manual adjustment;
11) Supports screen lock and blackout;
12) Supports screen on/off through power switch;
13) Supports SD card memory expansion;
14) Supports remote cluster control and play via Internet;
15) Supports supports various media formats such as analog clock, animation, picture, text, scrolling text, digital clock, positive and negative timing, Chinese traditional calendar, etc.;
16) Supportssupports playing with transparent background;
17) Supportssupports a wide range of chips: driving IC of Macroblock, CHIPONE, Sumacro, Mingyang, IT, Bright Way, Hangzhou Silan etc. supported in cascading mode;
18) Supports full-color static to 32 scan;
19) Field frequency is up to 60Hz;
20) Grayscale level is settable and the maximum supported grayscale level is 16bits 65536 grades;
21) Refresh rate: scanning screen can be up to 3840Hz and static screen up to 6000Hz;
22) Supportsbrightness and chroma calibration;
23) Is able to connect multifunction card MFN300.

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