Linsn SD801D Fullcolor LED Sender Board

SD801D (TS801)is an old version of the card,and its new compatible version is Ts802 / TS802D TS801D also called: SD801D / TS801D / SD801 Model 801 can max support 1280*1024pixels, more features
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Product Name:
Linsn SD801D (TS801) fullcolor LED Sender board

Linsn SD801D (TS801) is old version sending card, if you order SD801D (TS801), we will send you TS802D card, it is compatible with TS801D card

Product Specifications :

Supporting 10 bit
S: 256X256X256=1677216 Colors;
E: 1024X1024X1024=1073741824 Colors;
The chromatic number of E is 64 times than that of S.
Completely Compatible
with the Seventh
Generation Control
The eighth generation (hereinafter E) is developed based on the seventh one (hereinafter S).
Compared with the seventh one, the eighth generation has more powerful,
more stable and more reliable functions, and it can also be used with the seventh.
Intelligent Monitoring In each receiving card, there is a temperature sensor and four-way fan monitor output.
And it can intelligently control the fan speed according to temperature value upper limit set by users.
Intelligent Connection Without resetting the configurations, the receiving cards or cabinet (including spare ones)
of the same LED display can be randomly exchanged or replaced,
for they will automatically recognize the displayed content.
Supporting Arbitrary
Scanning Mode within
16 Bit
S: supports 1、2、4、8、16 scanning mode;
E: supports 1、2、3、4、5、6、7、8、9、10、11、12、13、14、15、16 scanning mode.
Company Logo Display When the sending card power is off, the screen will automatically show the preset company picture.
The picture’s pixel is 128*128, and chromatic number is 16K.
Supporting Arbitrary
Pixels less than 64
S: 2、4、8、16、32、64 pixels modules’width;
E: Arbitrary pixels less than 64 pixels
Supporting Empty Pixel
Can be set to insert one or more empty pixels per several pixels.
This function is applied  to non- conventional type LED display.
Supporting Especial
Screen Segmentation
Each receiving card supports maximum 1024 pieces segmentation,
for non-conventional type display or text display.
Supporting PWM Driver
Need to use specialized driver chip together, to make display effect more perfect
Supporting Pixel
by Pixel Testing
Need to use specialized driver chip together, and dynamically check bad pixels on the LED display.
Supporting Hardware
Pixel by Pixel
Need to use specialized driver chip together.By changing the LED current to adjust the color, wave and brightness.
Make the display effect pixel by pixel correction better.
Pixel by Pixel
Correction, Cabinet
by Cabinet Correction
Pixel by pixel correction supports 4 kinds of correction modes: single pixel, 2*2 pixels, 4*4 pixels, 8*8 pixels;
Maximum correction is 6144 pixels/module, and gray level for red, green, blue are all 256.
Cabinet by cabinet correction is used to adjust the chromatic aberration among different cabinets,
and gray level for red, green, blue are all 256.
Optional Gray
Level 0~66536 (64K)
Users can adjust the gray level from 0 to 66536 according to requirement of displays,
making the display achieve the most desirable effects.
The intelligent identification program can recognize every kind of scanning mode and
every type of signal trend of all kinds of double-color, full-color (real pixel and virtual pixel),
LED lighting drive boards, and the accuracy rate is 99%.
Optional, Synchronous
Refresh Frequency
and Phaselocking
Refresh frequency are adjustable from 10HZ to 3000HZ, and its phaselocking
can make the display’s refresh rate locked at integral multiple than that of PC,
avoiding the image to been torn, and ensuring more perfect images.
The phase-lock synchronous range is from 47HZ to 76HZ.
Control Resolution Full-color receiving card with gray level 4096 (Model 4K) and refresh frequency 180HZ can support 512*128;
full-color receiving card (model 16K, only for static) with gray level 16384
and refresh frequency 300HZ can control 160*64,(Remark: the drive board must realize high frequency 30MHZ)
Duble network cables max control resolution: 1280x1024; single network cable:1024x640,1280x512
Synchronizing and
Combining Multi-display
One sending card supports to control multi-display, and the multi-display can be willfully combined,
synchronous or independent display etc., and fast switching through shortcut keys.
Double Network
Cables Hot Backup
The A and B ports of receiving card can be both used as input or output port.
Users can  control a LED display at the same time on two computers, when one is out of order,
the other will replace it automatically; Users can also use one computer with double network cables
to control a display, when one is out of order, the other will take place of it automatically,
making the display work normally all the time.
256 Brightness Levels
Automatic Regulation
The function can make the display brightness regulation more efficient.
Online Program
If the program of receiving card needs to be upgraded, you just open the display power,
and upgrade it through Led Studio directly, no need to remove the receiving card from the display.
Test Function Receiving card has the integration testing function, no sending card needed;
so the receiving card can test the display directly, such as bias, gray level, red, green, blue, full brightness etc.
many kinds of test modes.
No Toggle Switch No toggle switches on the receiving card, and all the settings are set up through Led Studio. 
Transmission Distance
The max transmission distance is 170M (actual measure); normal transmission distance is 140M.
Giga Technology Veritable Giga technology. One sending card can support the max pixels:
Model701: 1280*1024; model702: 2048*640; Two cards are cascaded: 2048*1152.
Single network cable supports the max pixels: model701: 1024*640, 1280*512; model702: 1600*400, 2048*320
Matching Software Led Studio V10.0 or above.
Voice Transmission Model 702 integrates the voice transmission, and requires no audio cable to
transmit audio signals to the display. Double 24bits and 64KHZ hi-fi digital analogy and modulus
switch to transmit the voice, making display achieve the perfect video effect.
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