LINSN N3 HDMI LED Video Processor

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LINSN N3 HDMI LED Video Processor

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LINSN N3 HDMI LED Video Processor

1. Multiple units connected for sync and mosaic.
2. SDI input not included. if you want SDI input, you can order N3S.
3. With DVI-LOOP.
4. 4 audio input and support AV sync.
5. Route 9 input and route 3 output, with DP input and VGA output.
6. Single DVI interface output status max.resolution to 2304*1152*60HZ,2560*816*60HZ,3000*800*60HZ, 1536*1536*60HZ, 2560*960*60HZ.
7. Support for the total pixels 2.7 million custom, the width max to 3840, the height max to 1920.
8. Many routes of input signals image ,fast switching and fade in fade out effect.
9. Support image capture and image treat with gamma correction,image sharpen,brightness adjust,color strengthen, color comparison adjust.
10. Support PIP function & POP function.
11. Time function & Key lock.

Input Port Quantity Resolution Details
VGA 3 VESA standard
DVI 1 VESA standard (support 1080i input)
HDMI 1 Compatible HDMI1.3
DP 1 2560*1600
SDI 1(Extensible) 480i,576i,720p,1080i (3G SDI)
Output DVI 2 VESA standard (support 1080i input)
VGA 1 VESA standard
SDI loop 1
DVI loop 1
Specification Input Power 100-240VAC,50/60HZ
Device Consumption 15W
Working Temperature 0-65℃
Product Size 480*270*70mm
Net Weight 3kg
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