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LED Screens for Events-Making an Influential Event!

LED Screens for Events-Making an Influential Event!

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The use of LED screens for events is quite normal nowadays. It seems that these digital screens are indeed an asset to a good presentation. If you are wondering whether or not to equip one for your events, hope this post helps.

1. The Advantages of Setting Up a LED Screen for Events

Making a Better Show
Undoubtedly, a LED wall is an ornament for a show or a presentation. On the one hand, it has the ability to present vivid and animated images and videos, which complement and enrich the show. While on the other hand, it broadens the horizon of the audiences in the crowd, which can show the audiences those corners out of their sight.

An Outstanding Assistant in Presentation
In some business occasions, a LED display helps a lot. It can display dynamic content, allowing event organizers to switch visuals or share interactive content in real-time, thus keeping the audience engaged. And it makes a contribution in presenting the details of products and services, making it possible for the customers to understand your specialties better.

Adaptable and Flexible
One of the advantages of LED displays is that it is always adaptable to any change and easy to management. Not only we are able to assemble and disassemble these screens with ease, but also it is easy to change the contents on the screen to meet our needs at any time by control it on your phone or computer.

Cost-Effective Solutions
With long-term use, LED screens can be a cost-effective solution compared to traditional projectors or print-based signage as they require less maintenance and can be reused across multiple events.

Economic Benefits
In fact, a LED wall is also a great way to attract investment, especially in those bustling areas. Most advertisers want their advertising to be more widespread, thus they are willing to place their ads on the LED displays of some meaningful events to catch more attention.

2. Applications of Event LED Screens

LED Screen for Stage
The LED wall is almost an essential part for a stage, particularly in those indoor and outdoor concert. As part of the decoration of the stage, it offers a more impressive visual experience and create an immersive environment for the audiences. Besides, it showcases live camera feeds of the performers and complements the musical experience, which enhanced the overall entertainment value. Large LED screens ensure that even attendees at the back of the venue have a clear view of the performers, bridging the gap between them and the stage.

led screen for stage

Stadium LED Display
In most sport events, the LED boards make great contribution. Not only they can replay the splendid moments all through the events, but also they work as a scoreboard to show the audience instant scores, helping to create an engaging atmosphere for fans. Besides, they are great billboard for those advertisers, usually used as the stadium perimeter display, which helps the events obtain more investment.

stadium displays with led screens for events

LED Screen for Wedding
How about playing a video to tell your love story on your wedding party? Then you must need a LED video wall to achieve it. Nowadays, many new couples choose this way for their wedding decoration. The LED wall is multifunctional, apart from presenting images and videos, it is an excellent background which can be shifted as your needs. What is more, it is more environmental than other decorations. You can rent a set of LED displays for you wedding, and return it to the supplier after using. In this way, those screens can be reused and will reduce resource wasting.

led screen for wedding

Trade Show LED Display
Needless to say, LED displays play an important role in trade exhibitions. They visualize the products, present and explain the products and services better. With the help of these screens, you can directly show your customers about the futures of your products, how to use it and how to fit it into their lives, which efficiently facilitate the trade.

trade show display with led screens for events

Digital Display Totem for Festivals
LED display totems are perfect for the decoration of festivals. The contents on LED displays can be customized to match the festival theme, schedule, or feature artwork and branding, which adds a unique touch to the festival environment. Besides, they work exceptionally well at night, providing illumination and a festive ambiance that can elevate the overall experience for attendees. Moreover, with interactive LED setups, you can involve festival-goers in unique experiences, such as interactive games or social media feeds related to the festival.

led display totems for festival

DJ Booth LED Screen
DJ booth LED screens are designed to fit within the confines of a typical DJ setup. They can either form the backdrop, wrap around the booth, or even be configured in front of the DJ table to blend seamlessly with the rest of the setup.These digital displays can enhance the visual experience of the audience, and it syncs with the music and the DJ’s performance to create an engaging, dynamic atmosphere.

DJ booth led screen

Conference Room LED Screen
In conference events, a LED screen is a great tool for a better speaking. They are usually used to display presentations, live demonstrations, and speaker sessions, ensuring all attendees have a clear view of the content from any seat in the house.

3. What about The Price of LED Walls?

Normally, there are several factors that might influence the price of LED screens, such as the size, the brightness, the pixel pitch and the main raw materials. Besides, if you expect a better performance in waterproof, anti-collision or energy-saving, there are also some differences in price. We have listed the main factors for reference:

Size: It is always an important point for the final price of a LED wall. The larger size means it will cost more. But it not means the larger the better, you need to choose a proper size based on your venue size and view distance.

Pixel Pitch: A smaller pixel pitch means the performance in definition will be better, but it also means the increased materials and cost.

Case Material: Usually, the cases of the LED screen are made of aluminum, iron or magnesium. The magnesium one usually cost more than the other two, and it is also the most durable one. While the cases made of iron are less expensive, suitable for those who expect to save the cost.

different cases of event led displays

Refresh Rate: The rate at which the screen updates can be a price factor. High refresh rates are better for dynamic content like videos and sports, and they typically come with a higher price tag.

Other Details: Apart from the main causes, there are other factors you have to give some thought. The brightness, the shipping cost, the maintenance, the brand of the control system, etc.

4. How to Choose a Proper LED Screen for Your Needs?

For different events, we may have different requirements for the performance of the LED displays. Here, we have listed some points that you need to take into consideration when you decide to choose a LED wall for your events.

Size and Shape: An ideal size and shape come first when you are planning for a LED display. For a better visual effect, you can do some customized design, like a special-shaped screen. Also, a proper size is vital, because it directly affects the viewing experience. If you are not sure about the appropriate size, our customer service will be happy to help.

Ways of Installation: Before ordering your LED boards, you had better determine how to install it. The ways to install your LED displays is flexible, thus if you have any particular purpose, you can ask your supplier for some supporting facilities.
Brightness: The needs for brightness may also have some difference in various events. Normally, we have a higher request for the brightness in outdoor. For this reason, you might need a high-brightness version in some outdoor events.

Pixel: If you put a high value on the definition of the screen, then you have to be strict with the pixel when choosing your LED screens. Usually, we choose a smaller pixel pitch indoors. In other words, the closer the view distance is, the smaller pixel pitch we need to choose.

5. Different Types of LED Screens for Events

Giant LED wall
The most common LED display is the LED walls. In some concerts or exhibitions, we usually use giant LED wall for showcase. It usually offers a better view for the audiences and contributes to completing the show.

giant led wall

Curved LED Wall
The curved LED screen, just as its name, are those screens with curve. Compared to the normal screens, they are usually used to meet some special display needs like in some museums and art galleries.

curved led wall

Transparent LED Screens
Transparent LED screens have become a new tendency. This kind of LED display has the ability to present HD videos and images without obstructing the surroundings, perfect for shop windows and live music.

3D LED Billboard
It is also a kind of popular LED display, especially in the business centers. Because it is not only a billboard, but also can be a landmark of a city. The three-dimensional effect can extend the reach of your message, making it more likely to go viral or get shared on social media for additional exposure.

Touch Screen LED Displays
It is a type of LED display that not only provides the visual output but also allows users to interact with the display through touch. This interactivity is made possible by a touch-sensitive overlay that is placed on top of the display, which adds interests to the display and makes it more engaging.

Other Creative LED Displays
Except from what we have mentioned above, there are some other creative LED displays, like some irregularly shaped displays which can be made into circles, triangles, or any bespoke design your space may require. Besides, there are applications of some floor and ceiling LED displays. You may also have seen some LED poles or tubes, which offer a 360-degree viewing experience.

6. LED Screen Hire for Events

If you are considering a more economical way for a LED board, you should not miss our LED displays rental service. It is a more practical and cost-saving way for your LED display needs, perfectly for those short-term events.

6.1 Advantages of LED Display Rental

Cost-Saving: The cost of renting a set of LED displays is much lower than the cost of purchasing, and you can enjoy a pro version with the same price.

No Worry about Maintenance: Usually, out of short-term need, some clients might choose our rental service. In this way, you just need to return the products to us after using, and have no need to worry about how to do the maintenance work in the future.

Flexibility: The rental service allows for different durations and sizes, providing the flexibility to change display configurations for varying events and needs, which makes it more flexible and practical.

6.2 On What Occasions Do You Rent a LED Video Wall?

We usually choose the rental service instead of purchasing out of our short-term needs, expecting a stronger impact in a limited time. In the following events you are suggested to use LED screen rental service.

LED Wall Rental for Stage Events: Large LED screens usually enhance the audience experience, and they have become an essential part of indoor and out door concerts. These events generally will not last for a long time, thus renting a set of LED displays is preferable.

Exhibitions and Conferences: Nowadays, it is common for exhibitions and conferences to place several LED displays to making a better show. In fact, most of these LED displays are rental. These rental LED displays make great contribution to the exhibitions while cost little.

Corporate Functions: For corporations, there are some situations you may need a temporary LED display for showcase, like the annual meetings, product launches, or presentations where a high-quality display adds impact.

Outdoor Advertising Campaigns: For promotions that run for a limited period, renting an LED display can be more cost-effective.

Weddings and Private Parties: To add a special touch to personal celebrations, you may consider a LED display for decoration. Purchasing one is obviously like a large material for petty use, and here is where the LED screen rental service makes the most sense.

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7. Why Choose LEDinthebox as Your LED Products Supplier

LEDinthebox, offering you the highest quality LED screens for events. As one of the fastest-growing companies in LED display sector, we have complete production lines, and offer different types of LED products include indoor LED displays, outdoor LED displays, Fixed LED displays, 3D LED billboards, creative LED displays, customized LED displays, LED screen rental service, etc.

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What helps us make the achievement is that we are always strict with the quality, and attach great importance to customers’ needs, expecting to find a better solution for our clients. No matter before or after sales, we persist in offering you the most helpful information and support.

If you are looking for a reliable LED products supplier, do not hesitate to contact us!