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LED Poster Display | LED Banner -Get Your Advertising Alive

LED Poster Display | LED Banner Display- Get Your Advertising Alive

A poster display is a common way for advertising, we can almost see them everywhere. Since we have entered a digital era, LED poster displays have become a tendency and are about to replace the traditional posters. So what is a LED poster display? And what makes it get into popularity? This post is going to talk about it.

A LED poster is a type of posters, and a great way for advertising. What makes it different from traditional posters is that it is digital, which means it is more flexible and multifunctional than traditional printed posters. This kind of poster is usually composed of three parts: the LED modules, the cabinet and a holder to support the hole body. Apart from the main parts, there are power system and control system in the cabinet to power up the LED modules and upload images or videos onto the screen. Let’s watch a video to see some cases.

2. What are The Features of Digital LED Posters?

Digital Display: The most striking feature of LED posters is that it can display richer contents than traditional posters. Apart from the static images, it allows dynamic contents to be presented. Moreover, it is a combination of lighting, image and sound, making the advertising more appealing.

Freestanding Structure: To meet different display needs, the structure of digital posters is usually freestanding. No matter in what occasions, it can stand by itself, no need to worry about how to fix or support it. Of course, if you expect another way to install it, you can choose a wall-mounted one or other types, it is optional and totally up to you.

installation of led posters

Ultra-thin Frame and Lightweight: Compared with other LED displays, a distinctive feature of poster LED displays is that they are really lightweight. The thickness of the whole boy is usually within 45 mm, and the weight of it is usually within 48 kilograms, most people can move it with ease by themselves.

poster led display

Smart Control: The contents on the screen of digital poster is controlled by the built-in control system. By download a software, we can easily manage the digital advertising on our computers or phones. This wifi control poster LED display makes the digital display more flexible and practical.

wifi control led poster display

The steps to control your LED posters are as follows:
The steps to control your LED posters are as follows:

Firstly, find the wifi of your LED poster, and enter the original password;

Then open the application you have downloaded, enter local control and connect the device;

After that, you can enter the local solutions and choose any one you want to publish.

Let’s watch the following video for details.

3. Advantages of LED Banner Displays

The distinctive features of poster LED display brings it a lot of pros, making them a favored choice for businesses expecting enhanced advertising and informational displays.

Better Visual Effects
LED poster displays are shinning and bright, and they can show a wide range of colors, which makes it conspicuous in the crowd, and effectively catch the attention of passersby. Meanwhile, a LED display can show moving images, and it updates the contents easily, which allows for more appealing and varied messaging.
Versatility in Contents and Multiple Uses
As we all know, the contents of a traditional poster are fixed, which means when you want to change the advertising contents, you have to order another poster. While the contents on the LED screen are diverse, you can present images, videos, slideshows and animations on the screen, which makes them available for different advertising and promotional needs.
As what we have mentioned, the LED posters are super lightweight, and it is usually freestanding, so it is easy for us to move and place it in different locations for our different display needs. Besides, some of the LED posters are wheel-mounted, which makes it more convenient for us to move it.
Easy to Manage
The contents on a LED poster screen can be updated quickly and remotely by a phone or computer at any time, allowing for timely and dynamic advertising.
Durability and Cost Effective
The LED posters are usually made for long-term use, their raw materials are metals, which is much more durable than printed one. Besides, LED technology is known for its energy efficiency. LED poster screens consume less power than traditional lighting display.

applications of led poster display

4. Applications of Smart LED Posters

LED poster displays are incredibly versatile and can be placed in different situations to get noticed and enhance the engagement. The following are some common applications:

outdoor LED poster display :

Public Transportation: Airports, train stations, and bus terminals often utilize LED posters to put up timetables, notices, advertising and some news.

Events and Exhibitions: Exhibitors can enhance their booths with colorful LED posters that showcase their products and draw in attendees.

digital led posters for public transportation
indoor LED poster display:

Shopping Mall: In most of the shopping malls, LED posters are placed for advertising, providing a guide of the mall to the customers, and share some business information.

Retail Stores: For retail stores, LED poster displays can be used to promote products, share sales information, and create dynamic window displays that attract customers.

Corporate Lobbies: Companies can place LED posters in their lobbies to welcome visitors, display company news, and share key information about their services.

Healthcare Facilities: Hospitals and clinics usually display information such as health tips, departmental directions, and waiting times on LED posters.

a led poster display for retail shop
Transparent LED Poster:

This kind of display utilizes LED modules that are mounted on a transparent substrate, allowing the viewers to see through the screen to varying degrees when content is not being shown or even while content is displayed. It can be seen in some exhibitions or some shopping malls, and it is capable of displaying the contents on the screen without obstructing the view of actual artifacts or displays.

5. How about the LED Poster Display Price?

Factors Influencing the Price:

Size: One of the most important factors that affect the price is the size of the display. Larger displays typically cost more because it consumes more manpower and material resources.

Pixel Pitch: It refers to the distance between the centers of two adjacent pixels, and it decides the definition of the LED screen. A smaller pixel pitch means a higher pixel density and typically a higher price due to the increased number of LEDs. But it also provides a higher resolution.

Brightness: The brightness of an LED display is an important factor in how well the content can be seen, particularly in various lighting conditions. Displays that offer higher levels of brightness usually require more powerful LEDs and advanced driving electronics, which can lead to an increase in cost.

Control System: The control systems from different brands may have some differences in price. And different brands have their own superiority and characteristics.

Customization: Customized displays are usually designed to fit specific needs, thus it generally means a higher price tag. But in this way, you can have a personal design and make your display more special.

6. LED Poster Rental

6.1 What is LED Poster Rental?

LED poster rental refers to a service that you can hire LED poster displays for temporary use instead of purchasing them outright. Usually, you can use this kind of service in some trade shows, exhibitions, conventions, or other temporary events where there is a need for high-impact visuals for a limited period.

6.2 Advantages of Renting a Digital LED Poster

Renting a digital LED poster offers several advantages especially for those who require flexible or short-term use of this dynamic signage solution. Here are some of the key benefits:

Cost-Effectiveness: Rental can be more affordable than purchasing, particularly for one-time events or short-term campaigns, as it avoids large capital expenditure.

No Maintenance Worries: When you rent a display, maintenance and potentially repairs are managed by the rental company, which reduces the responsibility and additional costs for the renter.

Access to Latest Technology: Renters can often access the latest models with the newest features, ensuring a high-quality display without long-term investment.

Flexibility: It allows for different durations and sizes, providing the flexibility to change display configurations for varying events and needs.
Space Efficiency: For businesses with limited storage space, not having to store a large display when not in use is a practical advantage.

Considering renting a digital LED poster could be more practical for businesses with dynamic advertising needs, events companies, or those expect a temporary yet striking visual impact.

7. Best LED Posters from LEDinthebox

LED Poster Display


P1.86 & P2.5mm (GOB LED)

Plug and Play

Lightweight and Moveable

Impressive Visuals

Wifi Control

poster led display
freestanding led poster display

Freestanding LED Banner Displays

Our LED poster displays are equipped with a base -standing bracket, which makes it freestanding and suitable for various occasions. The four wheels make it easy for us to move it.

details of led poster display

Let’s watch the following video to have a quick look! For more details, you can contact us at any time.

8. Why Choose Us?

Superior Quality: Our LED displays offer high-resolution images with vibrant colors and brightness that ensures visibility in any lighting condition, providing a superb viewing experience for your audience. Meanwhile, we are strict with the quality of each single product to make sure the sustainability of our products.

Customization: We understand that every customer may have their unique needs. Our products can be customized in terms of size, shape, resolution, and functionality to precisely fit your specific requirements.

Ease of Use: Our solutions include user-friendly software for content management, making it easy to update and schedule your digital content remotely and in real-time.

Comprehensive Support: We offer extensive after-sales support, including installation, maintenance, and technical assistance, to ensure your displays operate smoothly.

Employing a LED poster display means investing in a product that will engage your customers, enhance your advertising efforts, and deliver messages clearly and effectively. We are committed to ensuring that each client receives the best possible solution for their needs. If you are looking for a quality and customized LED totem, contact us now!