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LED Billboard-the Best Choice for Your Advertising

LED Billboard-the Best Choice for Your Advertising

Part1. What is an LED Billboard?

Part2. Advantages of LED Billboard

Part3. Different Applications of LED Advertising Screens

Part4. A Growing Trend-3D LED Billboard

Part5. How Much Will an LED Signage Cost?

Part6. The Installation and Maintenance of Your LED Display

Part7. How to Make a Better LED Advertising ?

Part8. LEDInTheBox-Your Reliable LED Display Supplier

Part9. Conclusion

1. What is an LED Billboard?

With the progress of urbanization, the application of LED billboard is everywhere nowadays. It goes without saying that you are familiar with these billboards, they always stand along the roads, or be placed on the wall of the shopping mall, it is hard not to notice them. Unlike traditional billboards, with the help of technology, the LED billboards have changed the nature of the billboard business, making it a more effective medium than in the past. These electronic billboards, consist of a LED screen and a power supply system, with the control of a computer, provide a new way for advertising. In this way, you can get your ads alive and more attractive.

2. Advantages of LED Billboard

The LED billboard does not get into popularity for no reason, instead, it brings notable benefits for us. Not only it brings us better visual experience, but also it helps produce many actual economic profits.

Get Your Ads Eye-catching

Whenever we walk on the street, the shinning billboards draw our attention easily. The lights, the colors and the endless stream of moving images, constitute a visual focus, which attract more eyes and convey the target information with ease. Not only those billboards can display some pictures and posters, but also it has good performance in the display of HD videos, which helps you to show more details of your products or service to the viewers, and effectively boost your business.

Easy in Management

With the help of a control system for the LED display, you can remotely control your LED advertising, which means you are able to change the contents of the LED display at any time and you do not have to be there, which helps save a lot of human and material resources.

Reusable and Economical

Unlike a traditional poster or other advertising fliers, the LED billboard advertising is not disposable. With a LED billboard, you can place different ads at different time, which maximizes the function of it and saves much human cost. Also, you can choose to turn off the power in the off season for energy and cost saving.

High Commercial Value

There is no doubt that it is a digital age now, which means people get much information by electronic media every day. Therefore, many businesses have realized the importance of advertising online, and they tend to find different ways to place their ads. Under this tendency, equip your business district a LED billboard is necessary, because it will help you attract more investment and increase the income, and you will find the earnings will be much more than your spending!

3. Different Applications of LED Advertising Screen

The applications of LED billboard is everywhere, let’s see some cases.

Outdoor LED Billboard

Outdoor LED billboards are everywhere nowadays, no matter they work for the businesses or for the transport department, they have played an essential role in our daily life, and those versatile electronic billboard will definitely replace the traditional billboard one day.

outdoor LED billboard

Billboard in Shopping Mall

It seems that every shopping mall has several huge LED billboard nowadays. Some of them even has become a landmark of a city, and these billboards made a significant gain for the district.

LED billboard in shopping mall

LED Digital Signage for Events

It is common to place LED digital signage in some events to promote the events and attract investment, like in some concerts, sports events and exhibitions.

led billboard

Mobile LED Advertising Display

The need for a mobile LED billboard is increasing, many businesses try to display their products or service on a taxi of on a truck. In this way, you can get more attention and customers around the city.

mobile LED display

4. A Growing Trend-3D LED Billboard

These days, a new LED technology has come into our lives—3D LED billboard. You might have seen it in daily life or on some popular video platform like TikTok or YouTube.

4.1 What is 3D LED Billboard?

With the help of digital technology, 3D LED billboard can display 3-demensional images. Like other 3D displays, it makes those images like real and alive in the world, allowing the viewers to get the visual impact and freshness. Those billboards are usually placed on the busiest street to attract more visitors.

4.2 How Does a 3d LED Billboard Work?

Our left and right eye usually receive images from different positions, 3D technology takes advantage of this feature, and then it superimposes and fuses the two image information in the brain to form an image with stereoscopic effects. In other words, In our real life, the depth that we perceive is from two different images in each eye, while 3D technology creates an illusion, which forces our eyes to believe the objects are real.

4.3 Why 3D LED Billboard Gets into Popularity?

Over the past few years, 3D billboard have gained extensive attention. Not only for the special and interesting visual experience it brings for us, but also for the great economic profits it brings for the cities. For this reason, many cities have begun create their own 3D display culture to attract visitors, and many of the 3D billboards have been famous landmarks of a city. In some famous metropolitan cities like New York, Tokyo and Seoul, the large LED billboard have already become a special scenery of the city.

5. How Much Will an LED Signage Cost?

If you are considering equipping a LED signage for your business district, the cost of it might be your focus. There are many factors that influence the price of a LED billboard, we have listed the main causes for you for reference.

Size: In general, the larger your LED screen is, the more it will cost. You can choose a proper size based on the locations of the billboard and the view distance.

Raw Materials: A LED cabinet is usually made of cast iron, aluminum or magnesium, and there is a discrepancy in their price. If you want a more durable one, you can choose a magnesium cabinet, while it might cost more than the other two. The cabinet made of aluminum is usually lighter than other materials, and easier to carry and install. If you are trying to save more costs, then you might consider choose a cast iron cabinet, it is usually the most cost-effective one, and it can also meet most needs.

Pixel Pitch: It is a crucial factor that influence the cost of LED products, because it directly determines the definition of a digital screen. For this reason, we suggest you choose the highest version within your budget.

Brightness: Brightness is also important for a better visual experience, so as it influences the cost of LED products much. Generally speaking, the higher brightness version will cost more.

Shipping Cost: Apart from the cost of the product itself, you should also take the shipping cost into consideration. If it’s not urgent, transporting your goods by sea is always the best choice for cost-saving.

6. The Installation and Maintenance of Your LED Display

To make better use of your LED displays, you had better know how to install and maintain it. In this section, we will briefly introduce the main ways to install and maintain a LED billboard and help you to choose a proper one.

6.1 The Installation of LED Display

There are several ways to install your LED billboard. In outdoor occasions, the billboard usually be installed on a pole or on the roof. While in some shopping mall, those billboards are usually wall-mounted. Besides, ceiling-mounted and is also a common way indoors. Of course, you can choose other creative way to install your LED display, like floor-mounted, which making the floor a colorful screen to display different images and present some information when people walk by.

6.2 Ways of Service

Normally, there are two ways to maintain your LED display, include front service and rear service. A LED display usually consists of a screen in the front and a cabinet in the rear. When you start to assemble your LED display, or you want to check the circuit in the cabinet, you can either open it up from the front or from the backward. Some of the LED displays can be assembled or opened from both the front and rear, but others might only be opened from one direction. Therefore, you are supposed to choose a proper LED billboard according to the locations of it, which determines how you will install or maintain it in the future.

6.3 Daily Maintenance

Maintaining an LED display is essential to ensure its longevity and performance. Here are some key maintenance tips for LED displays:

Regular Cleaning: Dust and debris can accumulate on the screen, which can affect the display quality. Use a soft, dry, and clean cloth to gently wipe the surface. Avoid using water or harsh cleaning agents unless the manufacturer specifies any.

Prevent Burn-in: Static images displayed for extended periods can cause burn-in, leaving a permanent impression on the screen. Use screen savers or change the content regularly.

Check for Pixel Issues: Regularly inspect your LED display for any dead or stuck pixels. Early detection can help you address these issues before they spread or worsen.

Ventilation: Ensure that your LED display is adequately ventilated. Overheating can cause damage to the screen and affect the lifespan of the LEDs.
Power Supply Maintenance: Ensure that your LED display’s power supply is in good condition, and protect it from power surges by using surge protectors.

Software Updates: If your LED display uses software for content management, ensure that it is kept up to date for optimal functionality and security.

Professional Inspection: Schedule annual inspections with a professional to assess the overall health of the display and catch any underlying issues that may not be visible to the untrained eye.

Now we have a basic idea about the ways of LED display’s installation and maintenance, you can assemble or fix it from either the front or the rear. And we have mentioned that you should choose a proper one based on the locations and the ways of installation of the billboard, so what does it mean?For example, if the billboard will be wall-mounted, then you have to install and maintain it at the front. In this circumstance, you need to choose a LED screen that supports you to operate at the front. Similarly, if the occasions are not appropriate for you to install or check it at the front, then you had better choose a cabinet that supports you to operate at the rear.

7. How to Make a Better LED Advertising ?

After learning about the LED billboard, you must be curious about how to make a better LED advertising. We have concluded some suggestions for you, hope these helps.

Time Control
As we all know, although the large LED billboard is easy to draw people’s attention, the passerby will not stay for an advertising. For this reason, control your advertising time is necessary. Remember, few people will finish the whole story, we have to shorten our advertising time as much as possible. Normally, making your ads in 15 seconds will be appropriate.

Advance the Key Information
If it is hard for you to shorten your advertising, then you might consider advance the most important details of it. We usually regard the first 3 to 5 seconds as a prime time, which means that you need to convey the key point of the whole thing during this time.

A Catchy Slogan
Creating a catchy slogan for your company or your products. Sometimes, we easily remember a product because of its funny or creative tagline. When we think of the slogan someday, the product which it presents also comes into our mind. Therefore, rack your brains to create a special slogan for your products!

Attractive Contents
Contents are always the key of an advertising. When you have a good plan for your ads, then you are half the battle. No matter choose a popular celebrity spokesperson or plan an interesting plot, you should try your best to make your adverting different from others and thus the customers would stay for you.

8. LEDInTheBox-Your Reliable LED Display Supplier

Professional and Authorized
More than 10-year experiences with certificates of authorities in LED career, we have become a leading LED products manufacturer in China. Our products and service enjoy an excellent reputation for the high qualities and practical design.

Global Partnership
We have won the customers from all over the world, and many of them have become our long-term partners. We firmly believe that your satisfaction is our pursuit and motivation, and we will insist on providing quality products for you.

Efficient Customer Service
If you are interested in the LED billboard products, or you have any queries about it , just contact us at any time. We provide advice and assistance for you before and after sales 24/7.

9. Conclusion

The need for the LED billboards is increasing nowadays, and these billboards are indeed great platforms for different advertising display, which effectively presents the contents in a unique way and draws much attention. Meanwhile, it creates more business opportunities and economic profits for us. If you are considering of equipping a LED billboard, you are supposed to take what we have mentioned in the post into consideration. LEDInTheBox, as your reliable LED products supplier, will always offer you quality products and practical advice. If you are interested, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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