LED lobby signage

Digital Lobby Signage | Lobby LED Walls

Digital Lobby Signage | Lobby LED Walls

Digital lobby signages are widely applied in different areas nowadays, such as shopping malls, hospitals, airports, hotels, corporate offices, etc. It tends to be an essential part in the decoration of a modern enterprise, and brings a lot of benefits for us. This post will offer you detailed information about digital lobby signs, hope it will help in boosting your business.

LED lobby signage

1. What is a digital lobby signage?

A digital lobby signage refers to digital displays used in the lobby or entrance area of buildings. These displays usually consist of LCD screens or LED screens, creating a colorful and eye-catching visual experience. Of course, these digital signs are used not just for decoration, they also play a big role in information sharing, directory guidance, advertising, etc.

digital lobby signage

2. LED vs LCD, which is better?

Since in the previous chapter, we have mentioned that there are two main digital displays, LED displays and LCD displays. To some extent they almost look like the same, then what are the differences between them? Which is better to meet your needs? In this chapter we will talk about it.

Differences between LED and LCD screens

Screen Brightness: LED screens can offer brighter displays, which can be an advantage in well-lit environments, while the lights of LCD screens tend to be more gentle and cause less eye irritation.

Color Accuracy: LCD screens, which include IPS (In-Plane Switching), TN (Twisted Nematic), and VA (Vertical Alignment) panels, can offer good color accuracy. However, the traditional LCD may not match the high-end LEDs’ ability to display the full color gamut.

Power Consumption: LED screens tend to be more energy-efficient than LCD screens. LED screens use LEDs for backlighting, and the LEDs are more energy-efficient than the cold cathode fluorescent lamps (CCFLs) used in LCD screens.

Contrast: Typically, LED screens offer better contrast than LCDs due to the LEDs’ ability to produce deeper blacks. LCD screens, on the other hand, use a backlight that can lead to light leakage, affecting the darkness of blacks and overall contrast.

Refresh Rate: LED screens can offer high refresh rates, especially in models where the screen is designed for gaming or high-performance video. LCD screens also can have high refresh rates, but the actual rate can depend on the quality of the screen and its particular technology (TN, IPS, VA, etc.).

Lifespan: Usually, LED screens are more durable than LCD screens. LED screens use solid-state lighting which has no filaments or glass components that could easily break. This ruggedness contributes to greater durability in environments where they may be subject to impact or vibrations. LEDs generally produce less heat compared to the fluorescent or CCFL (cold cathode fluorescent lamps) backlights used in LCDs. Lower heat means less stress on the components, leading to a longer lifespan.The diodes in LED screens have a longer operational life. LEDs can last from 50,000 to 100,000 hours, which often exceeds the lifespan of CCFL backlights in LCD screens.Traditional LCD screens can sometimes suffer from “burn-in” if a static image is left on the screen for an extended period. LED technology is less prone to burn-in.

Now you have a basic understanding of the main differences between LED screens and LCD screens. In general, we recommend that you choose LED displays for long-term use, because it is more durable and energy-saving. And LED displays are suitable for longer view distance, while LCD displays are suitable for close viewing.

digital lobby signs in different sizes and shapes

3. Different types of lobby LED displays

LED displays are different in sizes, shapes, functions and so on. What kind of LED display is suitable for a lobby? We have listed some types for your reference.

LED Video Wall
It is the most common type of LED displays. They can be used to display high-resolution imagery, videos, branding content, or live feeds. They are known for their brightness, making them suitable for well-lit areas, and their modular design allows for various sizes and configurations.

Ceiling LED Display
Ceiling LED displays are innovative solutions meant to transform the overhead space into a dynamic visual experience. This type of display can create an immersive environment by displaying sky scenes, artistic patterns, or brand elements. It can also be used for wayfinding or conveying important messages to visitors.

LED Poles
LED poles, also known as LED column displays or digital signage poles, are vertical displays that can be strategically placed throughout a lobby. These can be interactive or static and are used to showcase advertisements, inform of current events, or even function as dynamic art pieces that enhance the architectural design of the space.

Interactive Lobby Displays
Interactive lobby LED displays incorporate touch technology to provide an engaging experience. They can be used for wayfinding within the building, as information kiosks, or to present interactive content that engages visitors, such as company history, news, or interactive art. The interactivity adds a level of engagement and can be particularly useful for visitors waiting in the lobby area.

LED ceiling display

4. Why you need an LED lobby video wall?

Get Your Information Noticed
An LED video wall has high brightness and contrast, which means it’s designed to be seen even from a distance and in well-lit areas. This grabs the attention of visitors and ensures that your messages and information are seen by as many people as possible.

Promote Your Brand Image
High-definition displays can showcase your brand with vibrant colors and dynamic content. It gives visitors a modern and innovative impression of your company, which can positively influence your brand perception.

A Better Display of Your Products and Services
With crisp visuals and the ability to play videos, an LED video wall effectively demonstrates your products and services in action. This can enhance understanding and engagement over traditional static displays.

Multipurpose and Manageable
Modern LED video walls are versatile and can be used for various purposes—from showing news and weather updates to broadcasting live events and presentations. They are also relatively easy to manage, often with software that allows you to update and schedule content seamlessly.

5. Applications of digital lobby displays

Welcome Boards: Greet visitors with personalized messages, company branding, and a warm welcome.

Information Sharing: Display news, weather, or custom content about your company or industry to inform guests while they wait.

Advertising: Showcase products or services, promotional materials, or use the space for paid advertisements to generate additional revenue.

Directory Guidance: Help visitors navigate large buildings with directories and interactive maps.

Event Announcements: Promote upcoming events, conferences, or important dates that are relevant to your visitors or employees.

Queue Management: Integrate with ticketing systems to display queue numbers and wait times to organize service areas.

Integration with Scheduling Systems: Display meeting room bookings and availability to assist both guests and staff.

a digital lobby sign

6. How to choose a proper lobby LED display?

Determine the size and shape: The size of the display should be based on the size of your lobby and the viewing distance of the audience. A larger display is more effective in spacious lobbies to ensure visibility.

A Proper Resolution and Brightness: Higher resolution displays provide clearer and more detailed images, which can be important for close-up viewing or when displaying high-definition content. Besides, you have to choose a display with adjustable brightness levels to suit various lighting conditions in your lobby.

Select an Installation Method: There are several methods to install a LED display. You can choose one proper way according to the installation site, such as wall-mounted, ceiling-mounted and more.

Connectivity Options: Ensure the display supports various input options and is compatible with the devices you plan to use to send content to the display. Check compatibility with digital signage software for easy management of content.

Take the maintenance into consideration: Since we install a LED display usually for long-term use, the maintenance is what we should give thought to. In addition to the daily maintenance, it is important to check the internal lines at regular intervals.

how to choose a proper lobby LED display

Digital lobby signs are indeed a great tool for different business occasions. LED displays, as one of the major digital signs, have good performance in showcase and the ascendancy of energy and cost saving over other digital displays. If you are planning to install a digital sign, an LED display is your best choice without doubt. It can meet most of your showcase needs and help you save a lot of costs. Why not try to use LED displays to transform your lobby?

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