Sheen Color W2 Asynch WIFI Controller Card

Sheen Color W2 Asynch WIFI Controller Card
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Sheen Color T3 Asynch LED Controller Card

Sheen Color W series controller had inner integration WIFI module. User can control the controller, manage and update program via cell-phone, Ipad and computer only when connected the WIFI hotspot. The BS architecture to operate via browser without connects server, internet and download any software to realize the function to install and play. It owns the features of bellowing:
1. Install and Play. That’s said user can play as connecting the hotspot.
2. Cross-platform. The only BS architecture to operate via browser.
3. No need server, connecting internet or to download and install any software
4. All the operating interfaces are same as LedCloud, familiar and easy using
5. Supporting kinds of communication types like internet access, U-disk and WIFI
6. Gray level is 65536
7. Automatically brightness adjustment, real-time display temp and humidity
8. Supporting remote control and management via Widows, Android and IOS system

Type W1

WIFI asynchronous full-color control card

Pixel Supporting 307.2 thousand, best for 640*480
Cascading Support but using single card in generlly
Gray scale 65536
Scanning mode All Type
WIFI module integration / Internet access / USB port
Communication way local area network(LAN); internet; wifi; U-disk
HUB interface  general interface, supporting to connect a HUB75 or HUB40
Timing playing   support
Onboard flash with a 4G storage, supporting to store more than 4 hours video playing
Audio supporting USB sound card output audio interface. It's suggested 
 that external active power amplifier device to get a much better effect.
Text transparency all support including text, video, clock and moving text in the picture, etc.
Sensor equipped  with real-time temperature and  humidity display.
Supporting to adjust brightness automatically 
Application best for electronic cabn display or vehicle-mounted advertising display like bus,taxi and etc
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