Novastar V900 Fullcolr LED Video Processor

Novastar V900 Fullcolr LED Video Processor
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Novastar V900 Fullcolr LED Video Processor

1) the V900 has a complete video input interface, including 2 channels CVBS, 2 rd VGA, 1 road DVI, 1 road HDMI, 1 road YPbPr, 1 road selection and SDI.The input resolution supported by some interfaces can be up to 1080p .The V900 can zoom in and out from the input image according to the resolution of the screen.
2) V900 does not need to be configured through computer software.Now you can complete the system configuration with only a knob and a button, all of which can be completed in a few steps. This is the "driver dot screen" we advocate!
3) the V900 is a series of products of Nova new generation controller, powerful image processing, professional image control, and friendly human-computer interface, so that the screen control work has never been so easy and enjoyable.
4) adopt an innovative architecture to realize intelligent configuration. Screen debugging can be completed in a few minutes, greatly shortening the stage preparation time;
5) provide seamless quick cutting and fade out switching effects to enhance and present professional quality demonstration images;
6) the position and size of the painting can be adjusted, and can be controlled at will;
7) an intuitive LCD display interface, clear key light tips, simplified system installation and control;
8) with the Nova G4 engine, the picture is stable and no scintillation, no scan line, the image is fine, the layer is good;
9) support Nova new generation point-by-point correction technology, and the calibration process is fast and efficient;
10) according to the different characteristics of the LED on the screen, the white balance calibration and color field matching shall be implemented to ensure the true color reduction;
11) HDMI/DVI video input;HDMI audio input;
12) support high level video input, 10bit / 8bit;
13) video output capacity: 2.3 megapixels, support video format: RGB, YCbCr4:2:2, YCbCr4:4:4

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