Novastar V700 Fullcolr LED Video Processor

Novastar V700 Fullcolr LED Video Processor
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Novastar V700 Fullcolr LED Video Processor

1) complete video input interface, including 2 CVBS, 1 road VGA, 1 channel DVI, 1 road HDMI.The input resolution supported by some interfaces can reach 1920 * 1200
2) V700 can zoom in and out of the input image according to the screen resolution;
3) video source one-click switching;
4) provide seamless quick cutting and fade out switching effects to enhance and present professional quality demonstration images;
5) the position and size of the painting can be adjusted, and can be controlled at will;
6) with the Nova G4 engine, the picture is stable and no scintillation, no scan line, fine image, good layer feeling;
7) according to the different characteristics of the LED on the screen, the white balance calibration and color field matching shall be implemented to ensure the true color reduction;
8) HDMI audio input;External audio input;
9) support high level video input, 10bit / 8bit;
10) video output capacity: 1280x1024, 1440x900, (1.3 megapixels);
11) support Nova new generation point-by-point correction technology, and the calibration process is fast and efficient;
12) V700 does not need to be configured through computer software.Now you can complete the system configuration with only a knob and a button, all of which can be completed in a few steps. This is the "driver dot screen" we advocate!
13) adopt an innovative architecture to realize intelligent configuration. Screen debugging can be completed in a few minutes, greatly shortening the stage preparation time;
14) an intuitive LCD display interface, clear button light tips, simplified system control.

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