Linsn TS902 LED Display Sender Card

Capacity: 2.3 millions pixels
Size: 282*78*50mm
Supports 4K video source input;
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Product Name:
Linsn TS902 Full Color LED Display Sending Card Synchronous Sender Card.

Product features:

TS902 Capacity: 2.3 millions pixels
1. One audio input;
2. Using PCI-E 1X port, the computer compatibility will be better;
3. Supports broadcasting CON file;
4. Supports broadcasting RCG file;
5. Supports reading back RCG file;
6. Supports 4K video source input;
7. Double port output´╝îsupports 4096X640, 2048X1024 video source and so on.
8. One DVI and one HDMI video signal input;
9. Supports 16-bit grayscale display;
10. Supports 12-bit/10-bit/8-bit video input;
11. support :HDMI input; HDMI output for monitor; USB media input; Lan controller

What is Included:
1 x Linsn sending card
1 x DVI cable
1 x USB cable

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