Linsn MC100 LED Sender Control Box

MC100 LED Sender Control Box with HDMI AV Input Support LINSN,COLORLIGHT,NOVASTAR LED Control Card,MC100 led sender Control Box for Asyn/Sync Full Color LED Video Control System
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Linsn MC100 LED Sender Control Box

High integration:
MC100 LED Sender Box= Computer + LED Sending Card + LED Video Processor + Multi Function Card + Network Controller.
Sync/Async Switchable:
A variety of Signals Input or Play by Network in Real time,Or Upload the Program for Asynchronous Working.
Free Cabling:
Using the existing wired network, WIFI networks, outdoor wireless networks 3G 4G network ,U Disk To Control the LED Display.
It can support the main led receiving card like linsn RV801,RV901,RV908 Series.
MC100 LED Sending Box can detect the of led display gray in intelligence especially the indoor SMD LED Module, Make the led display modue working in a good condition.
Upload content:
LAN,WAN or WIFI, Network and U-Disk.


5V-12V wide input LED built-in send output
USBX2 (extended 3G 4G WIFI USB portable hard drive)
LAN network port DVI output stereo output sensor interface
Relay interface HDMI input AV input (optional)
Built-in high-speed storage 2GB,it can expand to 256GB or SATA hard drive 6TB (customized)

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