Linsn DS852D Sender Box (Inside DS802D Sending Card)

Linsn DS852D Sender Box (Inside DS802D)
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Linsn DS852D Sender Box (Inside DS802D)

TS852D function equals Single Double Color DS802D sending card with a SB-8 Sender Box
be used outside of computer;
To work easily with laptop and to be able to minimize the size of control computer.

1. 5V, 2A
2. The outer box SB-8 contains one Linsn DS802D sending card and a power supply.
3. There is space for an industrial PC, including special mother board and hard disc.
4. With extra mouse.
5. 16 grades brightness control.
6. Dimension: 40.5cm by 20.7cm by 5.9cm


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