Linsn CN701 Signal Network Repeaters

Linsn CN701 Network Repeaters Signal Repeater
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Linsn CN701 Network Repeaters Signal Repeater

Connector: RJ45

LINSN CN701 LED Display control card repeater, to add the signal transmission distance between sending and receiving card.

Every 100 meter of RJ45 net cable need one CN701

Each CN701 can enlarge the 100M distance from led sending card to led receiving card.

Note: CN701 mainly used for LED large screen away from the computer network cable control distance over 100 meters and signal attenuation case

Two network ports ,one is input terminal, the other is output, they can be used interchangeably
The transmission distance between the sending card and the receiving card is doubled every time when one CN701 repeater is added.


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